Winter 2012 • Vol. 7, No. 4

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From the Editor, Winter 2012

Merry Christmas, readers! Welcome to the Winter 2012 issue of The Objective Standard. Two of the most fundamental problems in American and, more broadly, Western culture today are the existence of government-run schools and widespread ignorance of the nature of Islam. This issue of TOS begins by addressing both. First up, in his article “The New Abolitionism: Why Education Emancipation is the Moral Imperative of Our Time,” C. Bradley Thompson tackles the problem that is the so-called public schools, showing that they are fundamentally corrupt and unfixable, and must be abolished. Next, accentuating the positive, is a series of brief interviews with five rising innovators in the field of private education, discussing their organizations, missions, philosophies, and offerings. Also on the subject of innovation in education is Daniel Wahl’s review of Salman Khan’s The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined, which is a fascinating glimpse into the mission, philosophy, and rise of Khan Academy, the spectacularly successful online school whose mission is “to change education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.” Turning to Islam, Andrew Bernstein examines the Golden Age of this religion and considers the ideas of some of its leading thinkers,. . . Continue »

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Great Islamic Thinkers Versus Islam

Andrew Bernstein November 20, 2012 AudioPDF

Examines the Golden Age of Islam and considers the ideas of some of its leading thinkers, telling “a story of great achievements—and their rejection; of great heroes—and their defeat; of great minds—and their suppression; ultimately, of great danger—and its cancerous growth.”


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