Summer 2014

Vol. 9, No. 2
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Getting Lincoln Right

Purpose, Value Hierarchies, and Happiness

Timothy Sandefur on the Conscience of the Constitution

Book Reviews

Seven Pleasures, by Willard Spiegelman

So Good They Can’t Ignore You, by Cal Newport


From the Editor, Summer 2014

From Tos Blog

Zach Braff Is No Liberal

Obama Administration Continues to Thwart the Keystone XL Project

Death by Faith: The Venomous Consequences of Religious Irrationality

George Will Is Thinking in the Right Direction about Rights

Cliven Bundy Cattle Standoff Is a Consequence of Illegitimate Government Claims on Land

Cliven Bundy, the Dishonest Left, and the Welfare State

Should Government Force Walgreens to Employ Salespeople Who Refuse to Sell Its Products?

Parents Narrowly Avoid Jail after Enrolling Daughter in Less-Bad Government School

The Pope and the Root of Social Evil

Feds Gamble with Americans’ Rights

Pledge Fight Illustrates Inherent Conflicts of “Public” Schools

Austrian Steelmaker’s Texas Plant Highlights Value of U.S. Fracking and Property Rights

The National Day of Prayer versus Fidelity to Reason

Kitchen Supplies that Enrich Our Lives—and the Men of the Mind Who Produce Them

Republicans and the Immorality of Minimum Wage Laws

The Heritage Foundation’s Collectivist Call to Ban Marijuana

Mike Rowe’s Excellent Career Advice

Dave Kopel: Bill of Rights Safeguards “Pre-Existing Human Rights”

Thank Goodness Few Religionists Are as Religious as Franklin Graham

Two Paradoxes of Capitalism, Resolved

Consistent American Christians Endorse Putin’s Soviet-Style Censorship