Winter 2014 • Vol. 9, No. 4

TOS Winter 2014

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From the Editor, Winter 2014–15

Happy holidays! And welcome to the Winter 2014–2015 issue of The Objective Standard. As the left doubles down on its efforts to pass and expand rights-violating laws, to throttle industrial progress, to appease America’s murderous enemies, and generally to wreak destruction on the Land of Liberty, TOS remains dedicated to delivering crystal-clear articles that unpack and expose leftist lies, and that offer positive arguments in defense of individual rights and civilized society. The articles at hand span the breadth of the political landscape in this regard. First up is “The Equality Equivocation,” in which I address a key aspect of the left’s “equality” agenda that muddles Americans’ thinking on the issue and enables the left to turn people’s good intentions against their genuine interests. Next up, in his essay “On the Moral Use of ‘Smart Drugs,’” new TOS contributor Mitchell Feinberg provides a fascinating look at the nature and potential value of cognitive enhancement drugs, laying to rest some of the hype and fear-mongering surrounding their use. In concert with the publication of Alex Epstein’s new book, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, Ari Armstrong chats with Mr. Epstein about the book, the nature of the environmentalist movement,. . . Continue »

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The Evil of Whitewashing Islam

Craig Biddle October 26, 2014 Audio

One religion today regularly motivates large numbers of its followers to murder, behead, rape, and enslave people across the globe. That religion is Islam. Not Christianity. Not Judaism. Not Buddhism. Islam. Only Islam. Everyone paying attention knows this. Yet some choose to whitewash the religion.