Winter 2015 • Vol. 10, No. 4

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From the Editor, Winter 2015–2016

Happy holidays! And welcome to the Winter 2015–2016 issue of The Objective Standard. This, the fortieth issue of TOS, marks the end of our first ten years of publication and the beginning of our next decade of crystal-clear commentary from an Objectivist perspective. First up in this issue is my essay “Israel: To Be, Or Not To Be,” which surveys the history of the Arab and Muslim assault on Israel; presents the secular, observation-based case for Israel’s right to exist; and advocates a one-state solution to this decades-long clash between a civilized, rights-respecting society and a barbaric, rights-violating movement that seeks to crush it. Next up is a broader look at what is fundamentally the same issue. In “Ten Steps to End Jihad Against the West,” I lay out the essential steps that Westerners and Western nations can and must take if we want to end this god-awful nightmare and return to normal, jihad-free living. In “Black Slaves Who Could Have Been American Founders,” Andrew Bernstein examines three major slave rebellions in early America, showing that the men who led them—Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey,. . . Continue »

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