Summer 2011 • Vol. 6, No. 2

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From the Editor, Summer 2011

Welcome to the Summer 2011 issue of the journal for people of reason. As the cover indicates, we have a few things to say about the situation in the Middle East. Items on this front include my article “The Iranian and Saudi Regimes Must Go”; an interview with author Reza Kahlili, an ex-CIA spy who was long embedded in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards; an interview with historian John David Lewis about U.S. foreign policy and the Muslim world; and related movie and book reviews. On the domestic front, in “ObamaCare v. the Constitution” Paul Beard presents a compelling legal argument against the Individual Mandate; in “The Government’s Assault on Private-Sector Colleges and Universities” I examine a jaw-dropping saga that is too fantastic for fiction; and, in his delightful interview, Andy Kessler explains why we’d all enjoy a higher standard of living if more businessmen would “eat people.” Films reviewed in this issue are Iranium, directed by Alex Traiman (reviewed by Daniel Wahl); and Temple Grandin, directed by Mick Jackson (reviewed by C.. . . Continue »

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