Altruism: The Fuel of Jihad

In “Terrorism, Altruism, and Moral Certainty,” the Afterward to my book Loving Life, I explain that “Islamic terrorists are religious altruists: They selflessly commit human… More »

Craig Biddle June 24, 2014

Dave Brat on Church and State

Dave Brat—who recently upset Eric Cantor in a Virginia congressional primary—says he is heavily influenced by free-market thinkers, including Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, F. A…. More »

Ari Armstrong June 18, 2014

Check Your Statist Privilege

Although it is senseless to campaign against so-called “white privilege,” one sort of pervasive privilege is real, it is evil, and it should be not… More »

Ari Armstrong June 13, 2014

“White Privilege”: Myths and Facts

By ‘white privilege,’ the left means (among other things) that individuals are to be judged, not by their words, deeds, actions, and character, but by… More »

Ari Armstrong June 8, 2014

On the Right Not to Bake a Cake

The so-called Civil Rights Commission did not rule that “the baker was wrong” (he was in fact wrong); rather, it ruled that government will punish… More »

Ari Armstrong June 4, 2014