Dave Brat on Church and State

June 18, 2014

Dave Brat—who recently upset Eric Cantor in a Virginia congressional primary—says he is heavily influenced by free-market thinkers, including Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, F. A. Hayek, and (to a lesser degree) Ayn Rand. More encouraging, a paper that Brat wrote in 2011 indicates that he endorses the separation of church. . . Continue »

Texas Anti-Abortion Bill Abnegates Rights

July 18, 2013

Earlier today, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed House Bill 2, banning most abortions after twenty weeks and severely regulating the state’s abortion clinics and certain birth-control drugs. For now, I want to leave aside the regulations the bill imposes both on abortion clinics (restrictions so severe that “only five of. . . Continue »

Gosnell Justly Convicted for Grisly Murders

May 14, 2013

Yesterday a Pennsylvania jury convicted Kermit Gosnell of first-degree murder for killing three babies, of involuntary manslaughter for contributing to the drug overdose of a pregnant woman, and of various other offenses. According to the grand jury report of the case (as cited by the Atlantic), Gosnell “regularly and illegally. . . Continue »