Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo’s Moral Endurance

January 13, 2015

Although TOS does not approve of the bizarre message in this cartoon (a tearful Muhammad under the header “All is forgiven” holding a sign saying “I am Charlie”), we profoundly approve of Charlie Hebdo’s persistence and refusal to be silenced by jihadists. Here’s to the courageous men and women involved. . . Continue »

Spiritual Complicity in Islamic Atrocities

January 11, 2015

Those who whitewash Islam thereby spiritually aid the jihadists. Although such aid to the enemy may be legal, it is nevertheless evil. It is time for all civilized people to acknowledge that to pretend Islam is not evil is to bear some measure of responsibility for the atrocities committed in. . . Continue »


Islam vs. Free Speech

January 10, 2015

Muslims who wish to violently suppress freedom of speech can find plenty of support for their cause within their religious texts. But there is a more fundamental reason why so many Muslims oppose freedom of speech, beyond the contents of their religious texts: the very existence of freedom of speech. . . Continue »