Declaration of Independence

Laughing Joe’s Egalitarian Aim

October 12, 2012

Laughing Joe Biden, during the vice presidential debate, made clear his commitment to egalitarianism: [I]nstead of signing pledges to Grover Norquist not to ask the wealthiest among us to contribute to bring back the middle class, they [Republican candidates] should be signing a pledge saying to the middle class we’re. . . Continue »

Hold Paul Ryan to His Word

August 19, 2012

At a recent speech in Lakewood, Colorado, Paul Ryan said the following: We believe in the promise of this country. We believe in the idea of this country. And we know that this country—which is the greatest country on the face of this earth, by the way—it’s exceptional for a. . . Continue »

Will the 58 Percent Save America?

July 14, 2012

For those of us on the right—we who advocate political freedom and limited, rights-protecting government—the glow of Independence Day celebrations was dimmed by the SCOTUS ruling on ObamaCare that immediately preceded the holiday. Fortunately, there is somewhat brighter news to be found on the subject of American liberty. According to. . . Continue »