Diana Hsieh


The OList Empire of Excellence

May 15, 2010

Here’s a note from Diana Hsieh about her growing empire of excellence in activism and living: Hi, I’m  Diana Hsieh.  I’m an Objectivist and a recent Ph.D in philosophy. I oversee an independent network of e-mail lists for friendly discussion and information-sharing among advocates of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.  They are. . . Continue »

Explore Atlas Shrugged

October 11, 2009

Diana Hsieh, of NoodleFood and Rationally Selfish Radio fame, has created a new website dedicated to Exploring Atlas Shrugged. The purpose of the site is to help readers deepen their understanding of Ayn Rand’s epic novel and to provide a resource for those interested in creating Atlas Shrugged reading groups.. . . Continue »

Evil, and Uncorrectable

November 6, 2006

One argument made for a Republican vote in this election—and the support it will bring to President Bush—is that Bush has the right foreign policy aims in mind; he errs only in their pursuit. If we would just give him the support he needs, he will correct his errors—thus speak. . . Continue »