First Amendment

Citizens United, Anonymous Speech, and Rights-Violating Disclosure Laws

September 18, 2014

Although the Supreme Court’s groundbreaking Citizens United decision threw out blanket prohibitions on groups of people spending money on political speech, government remained legally free to require speakers to report their identities and expenditures, thereby outlawing anonymous speech. The latest legal battle regarding such censorship laws is taking place in. . . Continue »


Government Properly Protects Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion

August 6, 2014

Theocrat Rick Santorum is the CEO of the Christian film production company EchoLight, as the Heritage Institute reports. Unsurprisingly, judging from its trailer, one of the company’s forthcoming films, “One Generation Away: The Erosion of Religious Liberty,” substantially distorts the meaning and significance of the First Amendment’s language about religion.


Religious Coalition: Right to Oppose ObamaCare Contraception Mandate, Wrong to Ignore Principle at Play

September 3, 2013

In late June, a coalition of religious leaders fighting against ObamaCare’s contraception mandate, which forces employer health insurance plans to provide birth control coverage, rejected the Obama administration’s “final compromise” on the issue. The proposed “compromise” consists of a range of administrative changes, but these tweaks hardly satisfy the religious. . . Continue »