“White Privilege”: Myths and Facts

June 8, 2014

When today’s leftists speak of “white privilege,” their goal is not to abolish overtly racist laws—those were abolished in part by Lincoln and his supporters in the Civil War and virtually in full within a century of the Civil War. Nor is the left’s goal to eradicate private bigotry—which today. . . Continue »

What the Poor Owe the Rich

July 20, 2013

In this episode of Reason at Large, Craig Biddle discusses what the so-called poor owe the rich, focusing on several of the many things for which the poor should thank the rich, including the goods and services they produce, the jobs they make possible, the legitimate aspects of government they. . . Continue »

Happy Thanksgiving from The Objective Standard

November 22, 2012

From everyone at The Objective Standard to everyone who thinks, produces, trades, and thereby creates the values on which human life and happiness depend: Thank you. Thank you profit-seeking businessmen who produce and sell everything from groceries to computers to automobiles to electricity. Your work—although often condemned—is in fact supremely. . . Continue »