Ludwig von Mises

Why I’m a Free-Market Liberal

August 11, 2012

Years ago I spoke with a woman from Argentina who described herself as a “liberal,” by which she meant an advocate of free markets and economic liberty. She impressed upon me the difference between the classical liberal tradition and the modern American corruption of “liberalism,” which is taken to mean. . . Continue »

Mises on Government: Size Doesn’t Matter

June 15, 2012

In just two paragraphs, Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises corrects both conservatives and libertarians regarding the proper nature of government. Whereas conservatives advocate “small” government, as if the size of government were the essential issue, Mises points out that the essential question is not how big government is, but what. . . Continue »

Freedom Rises in Guatemala

April 11, 2012

Last week at the annual conference of the Association of Private Enterprise Education, I had the opportunity to interview Warren Orbaugh, director of the Henry Hazlitt Center at the Francisco Marroquín University. Orbaugh discussed the work of Manuel “Muso” Ayau, who founded the university to support the ideas of free. . . Continue »