The Devil Is in the Mysticism

September 27, 2013

When someone does something evil, does the devil make him do it? Most Americans believe that’s possible, as the Washington Examiner reports. According to a poll recently conducted by YouGov, 57 percent of Americans believe the devil exists. For some groups, the percentage is even higher: 72 percent of blacks. . . Continue »

Death by Prayer: Christian Fundamentalist Parents Denied Their Children Medicine and Watched Them Die

July 7, 2013

Seven-month-old Brandon Schaible died from bacterial pneumonia, severe dehydration, and strep—while his parents watched and prayed and, in accordance with their religious beliefs, refused to provide the child with medicine. Herbert and Catherine Schaible of Philadelphia now await trial, facing third-degree murder charges for Brandon’s death. The atrocity is magnified. . . Continue »