Sam Harris

The Evil of Whitewashing Islam

October 26, 2014

One religion today regularly motivates large numbers of its followers to murder, behead, rape, and enslave people across the globe. That religion is Islam. Not Christianity. Not Judaism. Not Buddhism. Islam. Only Islam. Everyone paying attention knows this. Yet some choose to whitewash the religion.

The Spring Issue of The Objective Standard

February 17, 2014

The print edition of the Spring issue of The Objective Standard goes to press today and will be mailed shortly. The contents of the Spring issue include “A Peek at Thinking in Principles: The Science of Selfishness,” by Craig Biddle; and “Aristotle Versus Religion,” by Andrew Bernstein.

Sam Harris Pointedly Defends Free Speech

September 22, 2012

Although I strongly disagree with Sam Harris about ethics and volition, I admire his recent article passionately defending free speech in the wake of Islamist murders of Americans in Libya and violence elsewhere. Harris first criticizes the Obama administration’s policy of appeasement: [T]he White House struck the same note of. . . Continue »