separation of school and state

Charter School Charity Snafu Illustrates Pitfalls of Government Funding

December 1, 2013

SkyView Academy, a government-funded charter school in Colorado, recently cut ties with a religious charity after the American Humanist Association threatened to sue over the charity’s involvement, as the Denver Post reports. As part of a community service project, students helped the Samaritan’s Purse organization send “shoeboxes filled with hygiene. . . Continue »


Separation of State from Religion—and Education—are Corollary Principles of the Right

September 11, 2012

Slate’s Amanda Marcotte argues that a new Florida law attempts “to get around the spirit” of the 1962 Supreme Court decision Engel v. Vitale—a decision that banned government-sponsored prayer in public schools on the grounds that it violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The Florida law “allows students. . . Continue »

Government’s Proper Role Regarding Tuition Rates for “Illegal” Immigrants

June 20, 2012

Why is government involved in setting college tuition rates? The Denver Post reports: Colorado Attorney General John Suthers on Tuesday said state-supported institutions of higher education do not have the authority to create discounted tuition categories for illegal-immigrant students without legislative approval. The opinion came in response to a query. . . Continue »