“social justice”

“Social Justice” is an Assault on Justice

September 21, 2013

In this episode of Reason at Large, Craig Biddle answers a question from Jeff: “What is ‘social justice’? Is it a legitimate term? If so, what does it mean? If not, why not?” In answering, Biddle discusses the purpose behind “social justice,” defines and concretizes justice, compares and contrasts instances. . . Continue »


Contra Occupiers, Profits Embody Justice

December 2, 2011

According to various Occupy Wall Street protesters, profits hurt people and constitute injustice. For example, an Orange County protester held a sign reading, “People Before Profits”; he told Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial Progress, “I think people’s interests [should] always come first.” I interviewed a Zuccotti Park Occupier. . . Continue »