The Causes of War and Those of Peace

The causes of war include statism, collectivism, altruism, mysticism; those of peace include capitalism, individualism, egoism, rationality.

Craig Biddle October 2, 2014

On a Deluded America

Diana West has written a fiery op-ed that, on its face, seems to provide a well-needed antidote to the moral platitudes that are preventing America… More »

John David Lewis June 28, 2006

Somalia and Our Tragic Flaw

Our policy in Somalia is but a small part of the absurdly-named “War on Terror”; however, a June 14th New York Times article entitled “U.S…. More »

Alan Germani June 15, 2006

Michael Farris Interview on ‘Fresh Air’

Yesterday on NPR’s radio show “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross interviewed Michael Farris, president of the fundamentalist Christian school Patrick Henry College. This regrettably named… More »

Alan Germani May 25, 2006