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Drawings of Mohammed, in Defense of Human Life

mohammed-bombIslamists have called for the murder of Salman Rushdie, and have attempted to assassinate him, for his “blasphemous” depiction of Mohammed in his novel The Satanic Verses . . . Islamists slit the throat of Theo van Gogh and stuck a knife in his chest for directing the film Submission, which depicted Islamic violence against women . . . Islamists have threatened to murder Ayaan Hirsi Ali for writing the script and doing the voiceover for Submission . . . Islamists have attempted to assassinate Kurt Westergaard for drawing a cartoon of Mohammed . . . Islamists have attempted to assassinate Geert Wilders for producing the film Fitna, which showed that the Koran calls for violence against infidels . . . Islamists have threatened to murder Matt Stone and Trey Parker for depicting Mohammed dressed as a bear in a South Park cartoon . . .

When will this end? Certainly not before those of us who recognize the vital nature of the freedom of speech speak up against such evil.

How can we speak up and be heard? One way is by participating in “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day,” which is May 20.

Why should you participate? Because freedom of speech is a requirement of your life and the lives of your loved ones.

When and to the extent that individuals are forbidden to express their views, whether by force or the threat thereof, they are unable to function in a manner fully conducive to human life; they are unable to act fully on their basic means of living, the judgment of their mind; thus, they are unable to live fully as human beings. They might not be murdered (as van Gogh was). They might not have to go into hiding or have 24/7 security (as Rushdie, Ali, and Wilders have had to do). But, to the extent that individuals are forbidden to express their views, their lives are throttled (as Stone and Parker’s have been).

Recognition of this fact is what gives rise to the moral right to freedom of speech: the truth that people morally must be left free to express their views regardless of what others think or feel about those views. This right is not an opinion, nor a gift from “God,” nor a permission from government; it is the recognition of an immutable fact—the fact that a fully human life requires the freedom of expression.

Freedom of speech is also the last leg of civilized society. If we lose it, our only means of returning to a state in which we can live as human beings is to take up arms against those who have forbidden us to speak.

For these reasons, The Objective Standard will participate in “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” And in order to advertise this vital new holiday, we will post in advance, on this blog, batches of the drawings of Mohammed that we receive between now and May 20. Then, on May 20, we will post all of the drawings together in a unified defense of the requirements of human life and civilized society.

I hope you will join us.

We will not be silenced. Ever.

[Below are all the images received in connection with this event.]

Drawing of Mohammed by Craig Biddle

Drawing of Mohammed by Ari Armstrong

Drawing of Mohammed by Jennifer Armstrong

Drawing of Mohammed by Bosch Fawstin

Drawing of Mohammed by Gideon Reich

Drawing of Mohammed by Martin Lundqvist

Drawing of Mohammed by Barbara Herndon

Drawing of Mohammed by Adam Reed

Drawing of Mohammed by Daniel Wahl

Drawing of Mohammed by Kelly Valenzuela

Drawing of Mohammed by Jenna Becker

Drawing of Mohammed by Francisco Gutierrez

Drawing of Mohammed by Ed Cline

Drawing of Mohammed by Nick Stanley

Drawing of Mohammed by Jason Crawford

“A New America? No thanks!” Drawing of Mohammed by Hannah Krening

Drawing of Mohammed by Charise Mirabal

Drawing of Mohammed by Nicholas Provenzo

Drawing of Mohammed by Ken Andrews

Drawing of Mohammed by Stephen Bourque

Drawing of Mohammed by Stella Daily

Drawing of Mohammed by Sharon Armstrong

Drawing of Mohammed by Mary Barbour

Drawing of Mohammed by Jason McCurdy

Drawing of Mohammed by Michael Garrett

Drawing of Mohammed by Steve Miller

Drawing of Mohammed by Alan Germani


Drawings of Mohammed by David Weatherell

Drawing of Mohammed by Mark Wickens

Drawing of Mohammed by William Green

Drawing of Mohammed by Amit Ghate

Drawing of Mohammed by Andy Fingerhut

Drawing of Mohammed by David Chayes

Drawing of Mohammed by Jeffery Small

Drawing of Mohammed by Martin Gasser

Drawing of Mohammed by Diana Hsieh

Drawing of Mohammed by Richard Watts

Drawing of Mohammed by Meredith McCurdy

Drawing of Mohammed by Gus Van Horn

Drawing of Mohammed by Kyle Haight

Drawing of Mohammed by Greg Perkins

Drawing of Mohammed by Anne Haight

Drawing of Mohammed by Tom da Silva


Craig Biddle

Craig Biddle is the editor of The Objective Standard and the author of Loving Life: The Morality of Self-Interest and the Facts that Support It, a highly concretized, systematic introduction to Ayn Rand’s ethics. His forthcoming book, Thinking in Principles: The Science of Selfishness, is about how most effectively to use one’s mind in the service of one’s life, liberty, and happiness. In addition to writing, he teaches seminars on ethical and epistemological issues from an Objectivist perspective.

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