U.N. Pays Tribute to Communist Butcher

Communist_ButchersReuters reports that the U.N. General Assembly recently held a moment of silence for Kim Jong-il. The United States, along with other nations, boycotted the moment of silence. But this leads to the question: Why does any semi-civilized nation even patronize this monstrous organization?

Kim Jong il and his communist ilk inflicted mass starvation, mass murder, poverty, concentration camps and a whole plethora of barbarity upon the North Korean people. As a North Korean defector once said, “human lives are worth less than those of flies” in North Korea, where “even dogs will not die so pitifully.”

That the U.N. pays tribute to this communist butcher once again reveals the fundamental corruption of the United Nations, and this latest act of evil deserves more than a momentary boycott. The United States should give the U.N. what it deserves: defunding, eviction from America, and moral condemnation for being the evil organization that it is.


Image: Wikipedia Commons


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