The Atrocity Following 9/11

On September 11, 2001, jihadists slaughtered almost 3,000 Americans, injured 6,000 more, and upended the lives of tens of thousands whose loved ones fell victim to this act of faith.

How did America respond?

We ignored the Islamic regimes that we knew were fundamentally responsible for the attack (those in Iran and Saudi Arabia), retaliated against a secular dictatorship that had little or nothing to do with the slaughter (Iraq), and proceeded over the course of eleven years (and counting) to sacrifice the lives or limbs of an additional 55,000 Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan—where more than 6,400 have died and more than 49,000 have been wounded—not to mention the hundreds of thousands of American lives forever damaged by the murder, loss, or injury of their loved ones.

All honest people recognize the atrocity of what jihadists did on 9/11. It is long past time for people to recognize the atrocity of America’s self-sacrificial response to that assault.

Self-esteem, moral justice, and common decency demand that we call loudly and clearly for the summary elimination of the Islamic regimes that sponsor terrorism against America. Let’s speak up.

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