Happy Thanksgiving from The Objective Standard

From everyone at The Objective Standard to everyone who thinks, produces, trades, and thereby creates the values on which human life and happiness depend: Thank you.

Thank you profit-seeking businessmen who produce and sell everything from groceries to computers to automobiles to electricity. Your work—although often condemned—is in fact supremely noble and heroic.

Thank you scientists and engineers who discover and harness the elements and laws of nature, thus making possible the countless processes and goods—from air conditioning to chemotherapy to hydraulic fracturing to fighter jets—that enable us to live and flourish.

Thank you (rational) philosophers—especially Aristotle and Ayn Rand—for discovering, clarifying, and communicating crucial facts about the nature of reality, of knowledge, and of the good. Without your thought and work, man would still be in the Dark Ages.

Thank you American Founders for establishing a country based on the principle of individual rights.

Thank you (rational) economists for elucidating the mechanics of free markets, for guiding investments to productive use, and for educating people about the practical nature of capitalism.

Thank you (rational) teachers for educating our children and helping them to become independent, life-loving adults.

Thank you military men and women who work tirelessly to defend our freedom and protect us from barbarians.

Thank you artists for producing the great literature, movies, music, paintings, and all the arts that challenge our minds and fuel our souls.

And thank you readers of TOS for your business and support; we couldn’t do what we do without you.

Have a wonderful, joy-filled Thanksgiving.

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