The Keystone XL and Senators Who May Need to Go

The U.S. Senate will vote Tuesday on a bill to permit construction of the cross-border section of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which has been blocked by Obama and Democrats for six years.

That this life-serving project has been blocked for six years is a moral obscenity. In addition to the fact that oil producers have a moral right to transport their product across borders as they see fit—and in addition to the fact that the purpose of the pipeline is to supply the lifeblood of industry and civilization—the U.S. government is faced with pressing issues that require the senate’s attention, issues such as the jihad against America, immigration policy, and the violence-causing “war on drugs.”

The Senate should approve this bill—and it should do so with the sixty-seven votes necessary to override a presidential veto. American citizens, for their part, should contact their representatives, demand that they approve the bill, and let them know that if they vote against it, they will be voted out of office at the next opportunity.


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