Charlie Hebdo’s Moral Endurance

Charlie HebdoAlthough TOS does not approve of the bizarre message in this cartoon (a tearful Muhammad under the header “All is forgiven” holding a sign saying “I am Charlie”), we profoundly approve of Charlie Hebdo’s persistence and refusal to be silenced by jihadists.

As Ayn Rand wrote:

In Atlas Shrugged, I discussed the “pyramid of ability” in the realm of economics. There is another kind of social pyramid. The genius who fights “every form of tyranny over the mind of man” is fighting a battle for which lesser men do not have the strength, but on which their freedom, their dignity, and their integrity depend. It is the pyramid of moral endurance.

The cartoonists, editors, and staff at Charlie Hebdo sit atop today’s pyramid of moral endurance, and everyone’s freedom, dignity, and integrity depend on the kind of courage they embody and display.

Here’s to the courageous men and women involved in this magazine.



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