Theist Embraces Ayn Rand’s Theory of Rights, Urges Others to Do So Too

In “Atheist Takes Up Rubio Challenge, Explains Rights Without God,” PJ Media columnist Walter Hudson discusses my essay “Ayn Rand’s Theory of Rights” and calls for a “coalition between believers and non-believers who are equally vested in preserving individual rights.”

Although I would argue that believing in God undermines one’s ability to fully comprehend the objectivity of Ayn Rand’s theory (e.g., via God’s ability to alter natural law), theists can nevertheless substantially grasp the truth of Rand’s theory if they take time to think it through. That’s what Mr. Hudson urges people to do.

Kudos to Hudson for helping to educate people about Rand’s secular foundation for rights. Check out his article and, if you’re so inclined, join the discussion in the long comment section following his piece. It’s a great opportunity to engage with active-minded people who are new to Rand’s ideas (and to civilly counter the smears, nonsense, and straw men that abound in such threads).



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