TOS and ARI Have Resumed Cooperation

I’m pleased to announce that The Objective Standard and the Ayn Rand Institute have resumed cooperation.

Although differences persist among a few individuals within the organizations, these individuals are not the organizations. TOS and ARI share the same general mission, to advance Objectivism, and we realize that we can achieve this goal more effectively together.

Many people were involved in this development, but several played major roles, and I’d like to thank them accordingly.

Thank you, Carl Barney, Jim Brown, Tal Tsfany, Richard Salsman, Andrew Bernstein, Brad Thompson, Robert Begley, Chris Locke, Eric Kalin, John Allison, and Lars Christensen for encouraging and facilitating this renewed cooperation. Because of your diligence, I think we will see an increase in TOS’s and ARI’s effectiveness in the coming months and years.

—Craig Biddle, August 24, 2018

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