Liberty: What Is It? Why Is It Good? On What Does It Depend?

Carl Barney and I wrote a pamphlet titled, “Liberty: What Is It? Why Is It Good? On What Does It Depend?”—which is being distributed at various Students for Liberty conferences beginning this weekend at LibertyCon in Washington, DC. I want to share this pamphlet with you, as it provides a brief introduction to Ayn Rand’s views on liberty and rights and how they differ from conventional views.

The purpose of the pamphlet is not to flesh out Rand’s theory or to address every question that might arise regarding how her views differ from libertarianism. Rather, its purpose is to indicate what in essence liberty is, why it depends on a provable theory of rights, and why anyone interested in advocating liberty should look further into Rand’s ideas on the subject.

I hope you enjoy the pamphlet. Please share it with friends and acquaintances who want to defend liberty. It’s an inviting gateway to the deeper ideas on which this crucial value depends.

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