Review: The Infidel: Chapter One, by Bosch Fawstin

The Infidel: Chapter One, by Bosch Fawstin. O’Ink Comics, February 20, 2011. 28 pp., $2.50, PDF download.


Bosch Fawstin’s serialized graphic novel The Infidel follows comic book artist Killian Duke and his creation Pigman, a superhero who is best described as a “Jihadist’s worst nightmare.”

Although Killian is of “Albanian Muslim Descent” (p. 14), he no longer holds any allegiance to Islam. In fact, with his creation of Pigman, in response to the atrocities of 9/11, Killian has become one of Islam’s most articulate enemies.1 When asked by a friend why, despite the danger involved, he pursues this line of work, Killian replies: “Because I love it. I love seeing this enemy get what it deserves at the hands of a ruthless hero. And since they’d kill me for no reason anyway, why not give them a good one?” (p. 13) . . .

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