John David Lewis

Celebrating Civil War Victories and Individualism

July 2, 2013

This week marks the 150th anniversary of two pivotal Union victories during the American Civil War: Gettysburg and Vicksburg. The Battle of Gettysburg is widely known. Sparked by Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s invasion of northern territory, where he hoped to put the Union on the defensive, the three-day clash. . . Continue »

More Clarity from the Obama Administration?

April 21, 2010

The police recently evacuated the media from a small protest that, apparently, someone in Washington didn’t want Americans to see. And, as the video of that encounter spreads, it’s worth recalling what John Lewis pointed out in his article “Obama’s Atomic Bomb: The Ideological Clarity of the Democratic Agenda”: This. . . Continue »


Nothing Less than Victory: Now Available!

February 15, 2010

John David Lewis’ new book, Nothing Less than Victory: Decisive Wars and the Lessons of History, has been released and is now available for purchase. Congratulations Dr. Lewis! For a taste of Dr. Lewis’ masterful analysis and writing, see his article “‘No Substitute for Victory’ The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism.“