Steve Jobs

Bezos and Jobs Revolutionized Industries they Loved

May 10, 2014

Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs succeeded in large part because they passionately, selfishly loved what they were creating and marketing—books and music, respectively—and they developed innovative ways to deliver the products to consumers who love them too. Here’s to passions, profits, and the people who pursue them.

The Pope and the Root of Social Evil

April 28, 2014

Inequality of resources per se is neither good nor bad. When government protects people’s rights and some people earn more wealth than others do by their own productive effort, the outcome is just. When government (or a criminal) violates people’s rights, the outcome (not to mention the act) is unjust—whether. . . Continue »

Gladwell & Co.’s Monstrous Injustice Against Businessmen

June 9, 2012

What explains the pervasive hostility toward productive entrepreneurs and business executives in our culture? Consider the following illustrations: Bureaucrats with the Federal Trade Commission are questioning Google’s founders—and may sue the company under antitrust laws—for “unfairly” writing its search result algorithms the way the company deems best. Tony Romm explains. . . Continue »