A Talk by Dr. John Lewis

When: Wednesday, September 20, 2006, 7:30pm–10pm
Where: New York University, Kimmel Center, Room 914, 60 Washington Square South NY, NY 10012

Five years after Manhattan was viciously attacked by Islamic holy warriors, the world is still held hostage to their rants and their bombs. Iraq is in turmoil, Syria is emboldened, and Iran, in pursuit of nuclear weapons, intends to wipe Israel off the map and destroy the Great Satan—America. What went wrong?

This lecture will show how our failure to identify the ideology of our enemies—Islamic Totalitarianism—has made it impossible to confront them. Drawing on the lessons of America’s victory over Japan, this lecture will challenge us to reject our assumptions about the nature of a “just war,” and to demand the removal, by force, of Islamic Totalitarianism—State Islam—from the face of the earth.

Dr. John Lewis is in the Department of History and Political Science at Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio. He holds a PhD in classics from the University of Cambridge, a BA in history from the University of Rhode Island, and an Anthem Fellowship for Objectivist Scholarship. He has taught at the University of London, and was a visiting scholar at Rice University and at Bowling Green State University. Dr. Lewis is consulting editor of The Objective Standard, and has published in numerous classical journals, and in Capitalism Magazine. He is the author of Solon the Thinker: Political Thought in Archaic Athens, and is now completing a book, Nothing Less Than Victory: Military Offense and the Lessons of History.

All non-NYU guests must register for the event by sending an email to nyu@objectivistclubs.org.

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