Winter Issue of The Objective Standard

The print edition of the Winter issue of TOS has been mailed, and the online version has been posted to our website. The contents of the Winter issue are:

From the Editor

Letters and Replies

Moral Health Care vs. “Universal Health Care”
by Lin Zinser and Paul Hsieh

Instrumentalism and the Disintegration of American Tort Law
by David Littel

“Gifts from Heaven”: The Meaning of the American Victory over Japan, 1945
by John David Lewis

Although the Fall 2007 issue has sold out, other back issues are still available and can be ordered from our back issues page. Also, just in time for Christmas giving, we’ve reduced the price of the Standard-Bearer subscription by 15%—a package of five print-edition gift subscriptions is now only $250. That’s a bargain on the gift of objectivity for five good friends.

Merry Christmas!

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