OCON Workshop on Starting and Growing an Objectivist Community Club

If you are attending OCON next week and have any interest in starting an Objectivist community club in your hometown, this is a good opportunity to learn from those who have a successful track record in such ventures:

Join the Oclubs.org workshop at OCON. Learn how to start & grow an Objectivist Community Club in your hometown!

  • The Colorado Objectivist community has more than 60 members and 7 monthly events
  • Chicago has 40 members in its community and 7 events per month
  • Atlanta’s new Objectivist community is thriving with 30 members and 1 event per month

Learn how these cities got started!  Join Oclubs for a 45 min presentation and workshop at OCON. This event is either for people who already run a community club and want to grow it or for people who want to start one.

Wednesday, July 7 at 6:15p -7:00, 5th Floor, Charleston F room

Oclubs.org was started to support the leaders of Objectivist clubs. We create resources, answer questions, and share advice. Read our Mission Statement here.

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