There’s Nothing "Bright" About the Stimulus Bill recently published an argument against the stimulus bill, focusing on its so-called “dark side.”

A little over a year ago the Obama administration passed a staggering $787 billion stimulus package designed to rescue the economy. More than half of that money has now been spent, and the economy is still just creaking along. But now people are realizing that there is a dark side to this spending orgy. It has to end, and then we have to pay the bill.

Yes, Americans are learning that they will have to pay the bill. And hopefully they are learning that government spending is no way to stimulate the economy. But what Americans most desperately need to learn is that such spending packages are not merely economic atrocities but also, and more fundamentally, moral atrocities.

This spending bill, like all welfare legislation, amounts to legalized theft and forced redistribution of wealth. It forces producers—such as those who design and manufacture sofas, and those who design and manufacture video games—to hand over a large portion of their earnings to those who refuse to work and choose instead to lounge around on sofas and play video games all day.

This is utterly immoral. It is a gross violation of individual rights. Thus it is profoundly un-American. Americans who care about individual rights should condemn such legislation not merely as economically untenable, but also—and more importantly—as morally unacceptable. Only then will we begin to reverse the statist trend that is leading this once-free country ever closer to tyranny.

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