Adventures in Flight and Science, Good News Abounds

A few items from the benevolent news front:

  • StarsAfghani aviation enthusiast Sabir Shah—“a high school graduate with no pilot training nor aeronautical engineering background,” who couldn’t afford college—has built a one man “microlight” aircraft in his home. Sabir says, “I believe that if you want something, you can get it.”
  • After nine years of construction, the Discovery Channel Telescope is now finished. “It is the fifth-largest telescope in the continental United States” and will be examining some of the most “vexing mysteries of the solar system.”
  • The Boy Who Played With Fusion, an article from Popular Science, is more than a month old, but it’s too good to miss. If you haven’t yet read this, I urge you to find the time.

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Image: Creative Commons by Portland Photographer Robert Knapp

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