“You Didn’t Build That”—Elementary School Edition

In a hilarious (but tragic) new video, Mark Matson skewers President Obama’s line, “You didn’t build that.” (I wrote about the same line back in July.)

In the video, a young student shows her parents her model of the Washington Monument, built with popsicle sticks, which accompanied her written report on the matter. When the girl expresses pride in having earned an A+ for the project, she provokes the following exchange with her parents:

Dad: Honey, that’s wonderful. . . . But you didn’t build that.

Student: But, Dad, I really did! I wrote the report and everything!

Mom: I think I know where your father is going with this. Did you make those popsicle sticks?

Dad: Did you personally cut down the trees to make those sticks?

Mom: And didn’t you make that in school?

Dad: And you didn’t make the school, or the roads that go up to the school.

Mom: And, honey, no one ever really builds anything.

The parents conclude that it wasn’t fair that their daughter earned an A+, so they’re going to call the teacher and demand that their child’s high grade be redistributed to the other students, so they all receive Cs.

And yet, what any rational parents would be horrified to tell their children, the President of the United States told the entire population.

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Image: Mark Matson


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