Jonathan Hoenig: Hopeful and Fearful about the Future

hoenigIn an interview with Tracy Oppenheimer of Reason TV, Jonathan Hoenig, manager of Capitalist Pig Hedge Fund, expressed a view that is likely shared by many lovers of liberty: recognition of both great potential for progress and great potential for destruction in the future:

When I see what man can do when he’s left free to achieve, to accomplish, to think—how can you not be hopeful? . . . [W]hen I look at these buildings, when I use my iPhone, when I explore all that’s going on and that’s exciting in this world, I am tremendously hopeful. But I’m also fearful . . . because I see so many out there whose purpose is to destroy; only to destroy.

Let’s work to ensure that the destroyers, such as Obama, wither away and that the producers, such as Hoenig, thrive.

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