IJ’s McNamara Defends Rights of Cab Companies to do Business

Robert McNamara, who addressed a Students for Liberty conference in Denver on November 10, spoke to TOS about a court case he’s litigating to protect the rights of cab companies to enter the market.

McNamara, an attorney with the Institute for Justice (IJ), represents Mile High Cab in a Colorado case likely to have implications elsewhere. “This is important nationwide,” McNamara said; “Colorado’s 2008 reforms [legislation at the base of the case in question] were part of a national trend toward more taxi freedom. . . . What the Public Utilities Commission is doing in Colorado is trying to fight back against this tide of freedom.”

NcNamara also explained how IJ’s litigation involving taxis relates to the organization’s broader mission of defending economic liberty.

We who advocate property rights and free markets owe thanks to McNamara, and all of IJ’s attorneys, for fighting so hard, smart, and successfully in defense of these values.

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