Event: “The Gold Standard: Both Good and Necessary”

This Saturday (November 1) in Manhattan, the Gold Standard Institute will host presentations on the moral foundation of capitalism and the need for a gold-based monetary system.

The event, “The Gold Standard: Both Good and Necessary,” will feature economist Keith Weiner, founder of Gold Standard Institute, who will speak on “The Urgency of the Gold Standard”; and philosopher Andrew Bernstein, author of The Capitalist Manifesto, who will present “The Moral Basis of Capitalism.” Question and answer periods will follow each presentation.

The event will be held at 3 West Club, 3 W. 51st in New York from 1 to 5 p.m. on November 1. Admission is $50 ($25 for students) before October 30, or $75 at the door.

For details and to register, visit the Gold Standard Institute’s website.


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