Bill Nye’s Golden Opportunity to Crush the Fossil Fuel Industry

Bill Nye has been handed the opportunity of a lifetime—and all opponents of fossil fuels should urge him to take full advantage of it.

Alex Epstein has challenged Nye to a debate about the morality of producing and using fossil fuels. Epstein is the most vocal, most visible, most respected advocate of fossil fuels in the world today. His book, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, is a New York Times bestseller and is read widely by executives, managers, and employees in the industry. Epstein regularly speaks about the virtues of producing and using fossil fuels to large audiences at fossil fuel companies and conferences, and he is a highly paid and influential advisor to many of the industry’s top executives and PR departments.

For Nye to beat Epstein in a public debate would be the biggest coup that opponents of the fossil fuel industry could hope for.

If Nye truly cares about shutting down the fossil fuel industry—or at least increasing restrictions on it—then he has a responsibility to himself, his cause, and his followers to take full advantage of Epstein’s challenge.

If you are a fan of Bill Nye, or an opponent of fossil fuels, or an advocate of the theory that our use of such fuels is harming the climate, then you should do everything in your power to ensure that this debate happens. Indeed, everyone who cares about the truth in this matter should encourage this pivotal engagement.

You can tweet Nye at @BillNye to let him know how important it is that he engage with and destroy Epstein in a debate. Act now—the climate is changing!


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