Spring Issue of TOS & New Subscription Offerings

The website edition of the Spring issue of TOS has been published; the ebook, audio, and Kindle editions will be published Tuesday; and the print edition will be mailed next week.

With this issue, we’ve updated our subscription offerings to the three options listed below.

Please note that we no longer offer the “Website Only” subscription. That has been replaced by our “Digital” subscription, which includes the whole suite of electronic editions: website, ebook, and audio. (Customers with a current Website Only subscription can maintain it if they like. It will be automatically renewed annually unless they change it or payment fails.)

Our new subscription offerings are as follows:

Digital includes website, ebook, and audio access, but no print edition, for $59 per year ($4.92/month).

Print includes the print edition and website access, but no ebook or audio access, for $59 per year ($4.92/month).

Premium includes everything, website, ebook, and audio access—plus the print edition—for $79 per year ($6.58/month).

Also, by popular demand, we are now offering Gift Subscriptions (rather than gift certificates), so you can easily share “the journal for people of reason” with friends and family.

For details on the new subscription options, visit our Subscriptions Page, and to give a gift subscription, visit our Gift Subscriptions Page.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

And thank you again for your business.

I hope you’re enjoying TOS as much as we enjoy producing it!

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