Ari Armstrong's Articles


A Parable for Thomas Piketty

May 6, 2015

If everyone’s rights are equally protected under the law, it does not matter, morally speaking, that we do not earn or possess equal wealth. What matters is that everyone is free to live and produce and prosper in accordance with his own choices, efforts, and actions.

Religious Freedom Laws vs. Equal Protection of Rights

April 3, 2015

Religious freedom laws (such as Indiana recently passed) legally discriminate against non-religious people, and are contrary to the principle that the government ought to protect the rights of all individuals. As such, laws that favor protecting certain group should be replaced with freedom laws—laws that establish freedom for everyone equally.


Islam vs. Free Speech

January 10, 2015

Muslims who wish to violently suppress freedom of speech can find plenty of support for their cause within their religious texts. But there is a more fundamental reason why so many Muslims oppose freedom of speech, beyond the contents of their religious texts: the very existence of freedom of speech. . . Continue »