Got Food? Thank the Fossil Fuel Industry

November 19, 2014

Far from threatening human life and well-being, fossil fuels make possible the mass production of goods and services—including food and the delivery thereof—that people need in order to live and prosper in a modern, industrialized society. Thank the energy producers without whom most of the food we buy simply would not exist.

Mexico’s Oil Monopoly Looks to U.S. for Crude Oil Resulting from Non-Monopoly

September 5, 2014

Under the control of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex)—Mexico’s State Run Oil Monopoly—oil production has declined to levels not seen since 1995. Fortunately for the people of Mexico, producers in the United States, operating in relative freedom, have, during that same time, massively increased their production of crude. Mexico may soon begin importing crude from the United States.

Environmentalists Succeed in Sabotaging Prosperity

June 11, 2014

Why is TransCanada “exploring how to modify existing contracts with Keystone XL customers to allow for rail shipments” of oil (as Bloomberg reports)? The answer is that the U.S. government—spurred by environmentalist groups—has prohibited completion of the pipeline. “This is a market inefficiency created by regulatory impediments,” explains TransCanada CEO Russ Girling.

Ohio Anti-Fracking Group Attacks Individual Rights, Promises to Continue

June 9, 2014

Legislation that grants “rights” to entities such as “natural communities” (whatever that means), “wetlands, streams, rivers,” or the like, necessarily violates the genuine rights of individual human beings—the only entities that possess or can possess rights. With such a legal framework in place, the majority of voters could violate the rights of individuals virtually whenever they want.

UK’s Regressive Energy Policies

June 5, 2014

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently documented the United Kingdom’s skyrocketing consumption of wood for electricity generation and space heating—a consequence of the country’s regressive “environmental” policies. Among other things, these policies require electricity providers to use a set proportion of more costly fuels such as wood, now trendily called “biofuel.”

American Spirit Alive and Well in North Dakota

June 3, 2014

A recent article by the Associated Press, “Oil Boom Bringing More than Construction,” describes the revitalization of Watford City, North Dakota—revitalization made possible not only in that town but in many others as well, by the fracking revolution. “Luke Allen, who moved here last summer to start his dental practice, finds the pioneer spirit exhilarating,” the AP reports.

Russia’s Useful Environmentalists

May 31, 2014

“Russia’s No. 2 oil producer, Lukoil, and France’s Total agreed . . . to set up a joint venture to tap vast tight [shale] oil reserves in Siberia” Reuters reports. The move provides further evidence that the Russian government’s criticism of fracking in Europe is intended to maintain Russia’s position as a key supplier of European energy.