Capitalism leaves a woman to create products with a 3D printer.

Capitalism Because Science

Examines capitalism and statism in the light of several sciences, and shows capitalism to be the only social system supported by science.

Craig Biddle January 26, 2017

Reclaiming Spirituality for Lovers of Life

Religion and other false philosophies have corrupted people’s conceptions of spirituality; it is time to reclaim the field and its key terms.

Craig Biddle July 30, 2016

What to Celebrate on Independence Day

America came as close as any society has ever come to establishing an exclusively rights-protecting government. Americans were almost fully free to live their own… More »

Craig Biddle July 4, 2014

Ragnar Danneskjold’s Love

After interviewing Bryan Larsen for the Summer issue if TOS, I reread my favorite part of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, the scene in which Ragnar… More »

Craig Biddle June 18, 2012

The Beauty of Ayn Rand’s Ethics

Ayn Rand’s ethics, the centerpiece of Objectivism, is a code of morality for living and loving life. This is a beautiful thing.

Craig Biddle December 29, 2010