Winter 2010

Vol. 5, No. 4
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India in Focus: “India’s Commonwealth Games: A National Disgrace”

The Republicans’ Opportunity to Restore America . . . and Their Obstacle

The Educational Bonanza in Privatizing Government Schools

An Interview with Andrew Schiff about Fishing Nets, Hut Gluts, and other Economic Matters

Andrew Carnegie: The Richest Man in the World

The Conclusion of Loving Life

Film Reviews

Review: Waiting for “Superman,” directed by Davis Guggenheim

Review: Burzynski: The Movie, directed by Eric Merola

Book Reviews

Review: How Barack Obama is Endangering our National Sovereignty, by John R. Bolton

Review: The Dhandho Investor, by Mohnish Pabrai

Review: Appetite for America, by Stephen Fried

Review: Mind Over Mood

Review: Repotting Harry Potter, by James W. Thomas


From the Editor, Winter 2010

Letters and Replies: Jesus and Violence

Essay Contest Winner