Winter 2010 • Vol. 5, No. 4

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From the Editor, Winter 2010

Merry Christmas readers! And welcome to the Winter 2010 issue of The Objective Standard. Let me begin by congratulating Deborah B. Sloan, the winner of our first annual TOS essay contest. Ms. Sloan’s essay, “Capitalism: The Forgotten American Dream,” took first place among twenty-eight entries, winning her $2,000 and the publication of her article in the journal. Second and third place went to Kristian Kanya (winning $750) and Caitlin McLean (winning $300) respectively. Congratulations to all! (We will announce the topic for the 2011 essay contest in the Spring 2011 issue). Here is a preview of the articles at hand: Under the column “India in Focus,” which will be a regular feature from here forward, Chak Kakani discusses India’s Commonwealth Games and shows why, far from achieving their intended goal of “national prestige,” the Games exposed an ugly contradiction in Indian culture and politics. Next up is my article, “The Republicans’ Opportunity to Restore America . . . and Their Obstacle,” which considers the Republicans’ alternatives following their victories in the 2010 midterm elections, and identifies a moral conflict, which, if unresolved, will preclude them from saving the land of liberty.. . . Continue »

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