Spring 2011

Vol. 6, No. 1
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Around the World: “The Communist War against the Philippines and Why It Rages On”

Health Care and the Separation of Charity and State

Toward a Free Market in Education: School Vouchers or Tax Credits?

Atlas Shrugged’s Long Journey to the Silver Screen

An Interview with Atlas Shrugged Movie Producer Harmon Kaslow

Atlas Shrugged

Economics in Atlas Shrugged

James J. Hill and the Great Northern Railroad

Walt Disney’s EPCOT: The City of Tomorrow that Might Have Been

A Symphony of History: Will Durant’s The Story of Civilization

Film Reviews

Review: Atlas Shrugged: Part I

Review: The King’s Speech

Book Reviews

Review: Leaving Johnny Behind, by Anthony Pedriana

Review: Terrorist Hunter

Review: The Philosophical Breakfast Club, by Laura J. Snyder

Review: The Sleuth Investor, by Avner Mandelman


From the Editor, Spring 2011

Letters and Replies: Tolerance, Net Neutrality