Winter 2011 • Vol. 6, No. 4

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From the Editor, Winter 2011

Merry Christmas, readers! And welcome to the Winter 2011 issue of The Objective Standard. I’d like to begin by congratulating Antonio Puglielli, the winner of the second annual TOS essay contest. Mr. Puglielli’s entry, “‘Dog Benefits Dog’: The Harmony of Rational Men’s Interests,” won him $2,000 and publication of his essay in TOS (see p. 67). Second place went to Caleb Nelson (winning $700) and third place to Deborah B. Sloan (winning $300). Congratulations to Mr. Nelson and Ms. Sloan, as well! As Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich vie for the GOP presidential nomination, and as Republicans marshal efforts to secure as many Senate seats as possible, advocates of liberty need to keep an eye on the one principle that unifies our political goals and grounds them in moral fact. In “The American Right, the Purpose of Government, and the Future of Liberty,” I identify that principle and discuss its application to issues of the day, including “entitlement” spending, corporate bailouts, and the Islamist threat. If you wonder which side of the abortion debate has the facts straight—or why the issue should matter to anyone other than pregnant women—you will find answers in “The Assault on Abortion Rights Undermines All Our Liberties,” by Diana Hsieh and Ari Armstrong.. . . Continue »

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