Summer 2013

Vol. 8, No. 2
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In Memory of Joshua Lipana

The End of Central Banking, Part II

The Is-Altruism Dichotomy

Interview with Artist Ifat Glassman

Film Reviews

Review: Lincoln

Review: Django Unchained

Review: The Intouchables

Review: The Sessions

Book Reviews

Review: The DIM Hypothesis: Why the Lights of the West Are Going Out, by Leonard Peikoff

Review: Righteous Indignation, by Andrew Breitbart

Review: Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis, by John C. Goodman

Review: Island, by Thomas Perry

Review: The Year of Living Biblically, by A. J. Jacobs

Review: The Truth about Gun Control, by David B. Kopel

Review: After the Welfare State


From the Editor

From Tos Blog

Medical Tourism: A Free Market Alternative to ObamaCare

Don’t Expand Sales Taxes, Abolish Them

The Fruits of Capitalism Are All Around Us

Minimum Wage Laws: Economically Harmful Because Immoral

Skunk Works to Deliver “Energy for Everyone”

Legislation Should be Based on Individual Rights, not Group Averages

Contra Joseph Levine, Israel is a Legitimate State (the Only One in the Region)

Scientists—2, Worms—0

Thomas Friedman Embraces Keystone Extortion

GOP Should Reject Ann Coulter’s Collectivist Approach to Immigration Reform and Embrace Individualism

What’s Wrong with Stomping on “Jesus”?

Erick Erickson and Fellow Republicans Wrongly Pit Same-Sex Marriage against Religious Freedom

Italian Court Persecutes Scientists for “Crime” of Non-Omniscience

Melissa Harris-Perry Says Your Kids “Belong to Whole Communities”

Harris-Perry Doubles Down, Promoting “Collective Responsibility”

The Conflict Over Standardized Testing Is a Consequence of Government-Run Schools

North Dakotans Building First Oil Refinery in 57 Years

Mom Who Regrets Her Children Is Example of Altruism at Work

“There Are no Values” through Islam

Obama’s Un-American Call to “Service” and “Duty”