Fall 2014

Vol. 9, No. 3
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Moral Diversity: Asset or Liability for Liberty?

Donna Hassler on the Sculptures of Daniel Chester French

Film Reviews

Edge of Tomorrow

Review: Star Trek: First Contact

Book Reviews

The Dictionary of Human Form, by Ted Seth Jacobs

The Rape of the Masters, by Roger Kimball

The Martian, by Andy Weir


From the Editor, Fall 2014

Letters to the Editor, Fall 2014

From Tos Blog

Richard Salsman’s Plan to Immediately End Social Security

The Illegitimacy of Pope Francis’s “Legitimate Redistribution” of Wealth

Lincoln versus the “Monstrous Injustice of Slavery”

Egalitarianism versus Rational Morality on Income Inequality

Lincoln and Race

Leftists Shamefully Exploit California Murders on Behalf of Collectivism

The California Murderer’s “Selfishness Without a Self”

Rand’s Ethics and Say’s Law

On the Right Not to Bake a Cake

No, Denver Post, Businessmen Should Never “Put Moral Judgments Aside”

“White Privilege”: Myths and Facts

Dave Brat and Ayn Rand on Rights and Government

Check Your Statist Privilege

Dave Brat, Ayn Rand, and Purpose in Political Commentary

Ayn Rand Was Right: Cats Are Objectively Valuable

Dave Brat on Church and State

Economists’ “Subjective Value” and Ayn Rand’s Objective Value Reconciled

Altruism: The Fuel of Jihad

Auberon Herbert: Advocate of Reason, Individual Rights, and Limited Government

Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision: Good Outcome, Mixed Reasoning

Rational Morality Requires Amnesty for Rights-Respecting Illegal Immigrants

The Left’s Dishonesty Regarding “No-Cost” Birth Control

After Hobby Lobby Ruling, How About Government Protect the Rights of Everyone?

Rights-Respecting Immigration Policy and Muslims

Mass Illegal Immigration of Central American Children: A U.S.-Created Crisis

Myths and Facts about a Rights-Respecting Immigration Policy

Jason Brennan Joins the Brigade of People Misrepresenting Ayn Rand’s Views

Kristen Bell’s Spoonful of Coercion

AEI Writer Invokes “Implicit Contract” and other Fantasies to Excuse Government Coercion

Hamas and The Left’s Pretense about the Deaths of Innocents in Gaza

The Environmentalists’ War on People

Government Properly Protects Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion