Spring 2014

Vol. 9, No. 1
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A Peek at Thinking in Principles: The Science of Selfishness

Aristotle Versus Religion

Sam Harris

Answering Sam Harris’s “Moral Landscape Challenge”

Book Reviews

Review: Free Market Economics, by Steven Kates

Review: Responsibility & Luck, by Diana Hsieh

Review: The Conscience of the Constitution, by Timothy Sandefur


From the Editor, Spring 2014

From Tos Blog

Colorado “Personhood” Measure Would Outlaw All Abortions and More

Janet Yellen: What You Should Know about the Next Fed Head

Ayn Rand’s Reality-Based Philosophy vs. Cass Sunstein’s Fantasy

FDA Has No Moral or Legal Right to Ban Trans Fats

Libertarians Fiddle while Rome Burns

Gun Ownership and Feckless Libertarian Arguments

Court Violates Cake Baker’s Right Not to Serve Gay Weddings

The Libertarian Case for Legalized Plunder

Duck Dynasty and the Difference between Rights and Tolerance

Jobs Celebrates Man Who Put a Dent in the Universe

Basic Moral Theories Essentialized

Dow Chemical and Crew Illustrate Impracticality of Rights-Violating Policies

Court Correctly Rejects Rights-Violating Net “Neutrality” Rules

“A Cause Greater Than Yourself”—In What Sense?